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What is MyEZBudget?

A simple budgeting tool anyone can use that let's you see what your bank balance will be in the future.

The Future?

Based on your entries, MyEZBudget takes that information and builds out a view of where you will be over the next weeks, months and even years. This information changes as you change the income and expenses.

easy to use

MyEZBudget is very easy to use, just follow through the getting started guide when you sign up. MyEZBudget is also mobile friendly so you can easily use it on the go to keep up to date with all of your income and expenses. You can even view how a large purchase will impact you weeks or months down the road.

constantly growing

MyEZBudget is built by a team who actually uses the application themselves. New things are constantly being added and your feedback and feature requests are actually implemented where possible. We're not a giant company that's only looking to make money, we are a team of regular individuals that want to help you make budgeting easier and more manageable.

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